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Who We Are:

Originally, Koa Roots started as a dream that founders Robert and Kristy wanted to turn into a reality. The adventurous entrepreneurs that they are, Robert and Kristy ventured into the world of the constantly evolving food industry.


Welcome! We love food, with an open mind and heart, we started this company as a way to share our passion. Our company is based on a fusion of familiar flavors of our roots; Hawaii and the Pacific Northwest.

We put so much love and attention into each product, and hope that you will enjoy our products as much as we enjoy bringing them to you! We hope our passion shines through our products and inspires you to be creative using our flavors to create your culinary masterpieces. Happy culinary adventures!


Koa Roots Promise:


It is Koa Roots promise to reduce any food waste during the manufacturing process and any by-products left will be repurposed.

Our Mission:

Koa Roots strives to be a minimal waste company. We maintain the integrity and incorporate the by-products from the manufacturing of our Fruit and Smoked Brown Butters into delectable bake goods. It is our duty to ensure we only use what is needed and anything extra won't go to waste.

The Story Behind Koa Roots:

Koa  - The largest indigenous tree of Hawaii and an important aspect of Hawaii's history. Used as the material to create canoes and voyage to new lands. Koa is also known as brave or fearless. 

Roots - Foundation and origin.

We felt that Koa Roots was a fitting name for us when taking on a new unfamiliar journey into the food industry. While still staying true to ourselves through a fusion of our cultural roots with the roots that we have established together here in the Pacific Northwest.

Join the Koa Root family's journey and discover something delicious!

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