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Sweet & Spicy Passion Fruit Butter Glazed Wings

Game Day Baby! These sweet and spicy wings will hit the spot and will hit be a crowd pleaser. Don't forget the extra napkins and wet wipes because your going to need it. By the way you can adapt this recipe to any proteins that you enjoy or double/triple the recipe for the size of your party.


3lb Fresh Chicken Wings (We fry our chicken wings "naked" or without any coating)

5 Tbl Koa Roots Smoked Hawaiian Sea Salt Brown Butter

5 Tbl Koa Roots Passion Fruit Fruit Butter

1/4 cup Of your favorite hot sauce (2AngryCats, Frank's Redhot, Crystals, etc)

Oil for frying

Salt & Pepper (Optional)


1. Fill a deep frying pan with frying oil of your choice and heat to 350°F

2. When the frying oil is at temperature, in batches carefully place a few chicken wing pieces in oil and fry until done. Repeat until all of the chicken are fried.

3. When all of your chicken wings have been fried set aside to cool while you make the sweet and spicy glaze.

4. In a sperate sauce pan or shallow pot place the Koa Roots Fruit Butter, Smoked Brown Butter, hot sauce, and cook over medium heat until the glaze has come together and has started simmering. 5-8min

5. Place your fried chicken wings in a large bowl and pour over glaze and toss.

6. Sprinkle some salt and pepper if desired.

7. Plate & serve immediately.

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